Can Your Taekwondo Equipment Offer you a Competitive Edge or Impact Your Functionality in Opposition?

In the event you compete in Olympic-style sparring, everyone knows they have got to Julia Kruz at WorkoutGearLAb don some form of gear- particularly, Tae Kwon Do (or Taekwondo, or TKD for short) sparring products. Precisely the same is correct for somebody carrying out poomsae; it truly is a prerequisite to wear a WTF authorized uniform (white with black trim V-neck).

So, can putting on the proper gear provide you with a aggressive edge? Read on to find out.

Sparring Gear

Can the correct TKD sparring gear come up with a variation in one’s sparring efficiency?
Let’s start here. To compete within an Olympic style TKD sparring match (one that is supported by United states of america Taekwondo) you are going to must get sparring tools which satisfies the next:

blue, pink, or white head equipment
blue or crimson upper body protector

will need:

forearm guard
shin and instep guard
groin protector
mouth piece

each one of these really have to be WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) qualified equipment

Through the way, in more recent events, they use gear with digital sensors for computerized digital scoring; so with this situation, there is absolutely no must lug around products, but I wouldn’t check out one with out a set–just in the event that.

Furthermore, you can need to be certain the following are taken into consideration:

Each individual gear is of good size
All gear has the correct safety coverage
The devices come to feel suitable (i.e. not distracting)

Among the main element pieces of apparatus would be the cup (or groin protector). If this bit of gear is just too unfastened, you may get distracted by crotch pain or just because of the sensation that it’s sliding off. Don’t forget, sparring by having an opposing man is hard plenty of, and getting a constant distraction will not help your situation any; nonetheless, it would unquestionably set another dude at an advantage.

The bottom line: be sure you hold the appropriate accredited machines, and that they’ve got the appropriate security allowance, color, and many importantly, healthy.

TKD Uniform for Forms Tournaments

Possessing the best gear for forms (or poomsae) levels of competition is just as crucial. Below, the focus is primarily on the uniform remaining used in the tournament.

All right, it may well seem insignificant, even so the appropriate uniform can make improvements to one’s sort execution.

Here are points to recollect when executing varieties as these are definitely what judges seek out:

Snappiness of strategies
Performer’s balance
Correctness from the form
Kind presentation


The proper uniform can amplify the snappiness of your respective motion. Usually, garments that’s significant offers you more snap-that’s assuming you have already got some snap with your approaches. Prior to the levels of competition, get the perfect time to verify out numerous uniforms. You are going to learn which the kinds which might be bulkier and possess presently been broken in will deliver the most effective snap.


I’ve seen types athletes fiddlin with their trousers since it is just too huge or hanging also very low. Whenever your ft finish up stepping on your trousers, you can lose your equilibrium. Make sure your clothing fit pretty nicely, especially the duration of your respective trousers. The last thing you want to concern yourself with is slipping yourself trousers. This may undoubtedly induce you to eliminate factors.


On top of that to shedding equilibrium, acquiring improperly fitted Taekwondo uniform can have an effect on you with regards to sort execution correctness. Think about acquiring to fix your trousers or best even though executing kinds. This could happen to your fewer professional poomsae or forms rivals. You should not let a foul fitting uniform get during the strategy for your magnificent type.


Judges are only human, and all humans are prejudiced to some amount. Though they endeavor to get objective, many factors can sway them to become a lot more subjective when judging you. So, in case you are applying a uniform that makes you seem sharp, it might be ample to introduce a positive bias to your gain. However, you still must backup that glimpse with potent and confident movements when getting into and leaving the level of competition flooring.

Important Points

The appropriate equipment or machines can present you with a aggressive advantage from the subsequent Taekwondo situations:

Sparring or gyoroogi
Kinds or poomse

In Tae Kwon Do sparring, obtaining the proper equipment may help guarantee you could participate (it’s because the nationwide competitiveness occasions need that you have Earth Taekwondo Federation accredited gear). With the proper security protection, in good shape, and dimension, it is possible to center on the job at hand, and never be distracted by weak fitting equipment.

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